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Kelston design and manufacture screw jacks and linear actuation products

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Mini Cubic Screw Jacks

Mini Cubic Screw Jacks
2.5kN Lifting Capacity

The CM25 Screw Jack is the baby in the range. With a body size of only 50x60x50mm this compact yet robust screw jack has a load capacity of 2.5kN making it ideally suited for smaller applications such as the adjustment of process equipment and systems.

Build a complete system from your desk with our modular range of bevel gearboxes and accessories using our CAD download configurator.

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Cubic Screw Jacks

Cubic Screw Jacks
5kN - 50kN Lifting Capacity

With a wide range of sizes, travel speeds and configurations, these high performance, powerful, precision screw jacks are essential if you need to lift, position or hold load.

Use our System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application and complete your system with our range of gearboxes and accessories.

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Cubic Ball Screw Jacks

Cubic Ball Screw Jacks
5kN - 50kN Lifting Capacity

When power, high speed, high duty cycle and repetitive positioning is required, our range of ball screw jacks provide the ideal solution.

A high efficiency ball screw replaces the standard trapezoidal lifting screw yet accommodates our modular screw jack system thus providing a wide range of sizes, travel speeds and configurations.

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Standard Screw Jack Range

Standard Screw Jack Range
5kN - 1000kN Lifting Capacity

Our classic J range screw jacks are perfect for heavier industrial applications. Available in a wide range of configurations, the J-Range screw jack can also be modified to suit your individual requirements.

Greater loads can be catered for with a bespoke screw jack or screw jack system which can be designed and manufactured to your requirements.

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Cubic Accessories

Here you can find all the accessories necessary to complete your modular screw jack system such as mounting plates, gearbox shims, drive shafts and couplings.

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Cubic Bevel Gearboxes

Utilising the efficiency and durability of spiral bevel gears, our gearboxes are designed to complement our modular screw jack range and provide optimised noise and vibration characteristics.

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Knowledge Base

Screw Jack Working Principle

Screw Jack Working Principle

Screw Jacks are found wherever there is a need to lift, position and hold load. A Screw Jack (also known as a Jack Screw, a Worm Screw Jack, a Machine Screw Jack or a Lead Screw Jack) is a devise used to convert rotational motion into linear motion.

Worm and Wheel

Worm and Wheel

Worm Drives are used when the axis of rotation of a shaft must change direction. Being low-cost, potentially self-locking and providing high gear reductions, Worm Drives provide an effective means of decreasing speed whilst increasing torque.

Bevel Gear Sets

Bevel Gear Sets

Bevel gears are used when the axis of rotation of a shaft must change direction. Providing a highly efficient and durable means of gear reduction, Bevel Gear sets have many uses.

Kelston Actuation Ltd have been designing and manufacturing precision linear actuation products since 1974. We have created an enviable reputation with our worldwide customer base due to our dedication to create modular screw jacks and gear boxes that meet the durability, power and efficiency demands at the right price.
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