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Connect Screw Jacks and translate motion in an expansive system.

Kelston Actuation manufactures bevel gearboxes in two ranges - the G0 and GM. Both ranges are made to exacting standards with anodised 6082T6 aluminium bodies and high grade internal bearings and components.

Use our CAD Configurator tool to configure your own gearbox. Set your individual design parameters and download a CAD file to incorporate into your working models. 

Gearbox Connection

GM Gearboxes

These hollow-output shaft bevel gearboxes have been designed to complement our cubic screw jack range and help build modular lifting systems. The internal bevel gears work with premium-quality bearings and seals and feature a configurable solid shaft option for external fixing.

Click to read more about our GM range of bevel gearboxes below or launch our free CAD configurator tool to design a model that fits your needs.

GM Range Bevel Gearbox

G0 Gearboxes

The G0 bevel gearbox range utilises high performance spiral bevel gears and are manufactured in a range of sizes and configurations. These gearboxes are designed to integrate with our modular screw jack systems – facilitating changes in direction and enabling components to operate as a single synchronised unit.

Click to read more about our G0 range of spiral bevel gearboxes below or launch our free CAD configurator tool to design a model that fits your needs.

G0 Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel gearboxes take their name from the bevelled edge gears contained inside the box. The teeth of these gears interlock at a defined angle and allow 90deg transmission of rotary motion. They are available as 2, 3, and 4-way boxes with different handings. 

Bevel gearboxes are used in our expansive Screw Jack systems as they provide seamless transmission between components - with an extremely good efficiency. Where a system needs to turn a corner, the bevel gearbox will facilitate the change in direction. This allows groups of synchronised screw jacks to be linked together and powered by a single motor.

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