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Trading With European Businesses

Kelston Actuation Ltd regularly conducts business with companies located within Europe and the European Union. Our aim is to make trade with European firms as simple and pain-free as possible by being upfront about lead times, exchange rates, and potential charges. We understand that this is often case or customer specific but this page highlights some general information regarding business with us.

At the end of the day, your focus should be on getting the right product, not worrying about logistics.

Currencies and Import Taxes

Currency & Import Tax/Duty

We happily accept payment in EUR as well as GBP and US Dollars. If you require quotations in either one of these currencies, please let us know and our sales team will accommodate.

Import taxes or duties can often be a taboo subject with international trade as there are many different standards and potential fees to pay. As complicated as this subject can be, we don’t believe it has to be for our customers. If you have any specific questions regarding European import laws, or our delivery preferences then please do get in touch. Some basic guidelines for European firms are outlined below.

Lead/Delivery Times

We will always aim to reduce our lead times where possible and keep our customers informed regarding updates with their orders. If we can get you your goods quicker, then we will. Naturally, lead times for international trade can be extrapolated due to shipping and customs. We manage expectation when quoting for delivery, making it clear when to expect your goods, subject to customs. Where possible we aim to reduce transit times and minimise our carbon footprint.

Product Delivery Lead Times

Shipping Partners

For standard orders below a certain size and weight we use FedEx International (formerly TNT) as our primary courier service. For larger products and custom builds, it is sometimes necessary to use dedicated couriers, with the option for customers to arrange collection themselves.

Exchange Rates

In an ever-changing global market, tracking exchange rates and understanding additional costs from banks and other sources can be difficult. We will always use the best possible rates to accommodate both parties at the time of quotation to ensure a fair exchange. Due to the volatility of currency, our international quotes are valid for a shorter amount of time than our base GBP quotes.

As most of our business is between the UK, Europe and the US, some specific guidelines for these areas are outlined below. Please note this page is a guide only and will not be relevant to all parties. it is recommended that you confirm any information from this page with your relevant governing body at the time of interest.

European Specific Guidelines

As the EU is a Customs Union, a single Import Tariff is due at the place of entry where the import declaration is made, irrespective of the EU member state.

  • Minimum threshold for Import Duty/Import Sales Tax by air or sea is 430EUR. Above which duty will be paid in line with the Harmonized Schedule (HS).
  • A list of our general HS codes is shown below:
Product Type HST Code
Import Duty Rate
Screw Jacks and Actuators   84254900  0%
 Bevel Gearboxes  84839089  2.8%
Driveshafts   84831095  0%
 Couplings  84839089  2.8%
 Handwheels  84662020  4.6%
  • All shipments to the EU use the Incoterms DAP (Delivered at Place) as standard.
  • We use FedEx International Express for all goods shipped with a weight below 500kg (Palletised) and size within 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.5m. For larger shipments we use Europa Worldwide.

If you would like an estimated quote for shipping of any of our products, then please notify our sales team when requesting a quote. The carriage and packaging amount is subject to change due to the customisability of our products, which can alter the size and weight of shipped goods.


What options do you have for payment?

As new customer our standard payment terms are Pro-Forma Invoice, with payment being required before shipment of goods. We do also offer the ability to pay using Credit Card through World Pay. You also have the option to apply for an account with us with 30 day payment terms, after your first order.

What are your typical shipping costs?

Size and weight of packaged goods can be hard to calculate due to the custom nature of our products. Consequently, we typically add shipping and packaging charges to your invoice once these entities are clarified. It is often possible to estimate the cost of a shipment prior to this if required. Please ask our sales team when requesting a quote if your require this.

I want to arrange my own collection and courier service, is this possible?

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please speak to your sales contact about your requirements.

When will I receive my order?

Due to the unique and customised nature of each order that is accepted, our lead times can vary. For standard products on our website, we aim to deliver between 2-6 weeks from receipt of order, inclusive of shipping. This is dependent on order size and quantity, as well as customs clearance for international orders. If timeframe is critical to your application, then we will do our utmost to accommodate.

I have a more specific question, who should I contact?

Our technical sales team are on hand from 07:30-17:00 (GMT) Mon-Fri and can be reached by email at: sales@kelstonactuation.com From here, one of our team will address your questions personally.

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