Cubic Ball Screw Jacks
5kN – 50kN Lifting Capacity

When high power, speed, or duty cycles are required, our range of Cubic Ball Screw Jacks provide the ideal solution. Inside this specialist screw jack design, a high efficiency ball screw replaces the standard trapezoidal lifting screw present in the rest of our cubic range

Cubic Ball Screw Jacks
A Cubic Ball Screw Jack

Configure Your Cubic Ball Screw Jack

Our Cubic Ball Screw Jacks are capable of lifting 5kN to 50kN and are available in either a rotating screw or translating screw configuration. You can also select travel rates suitable for your application with a 2000mm maximum length of travel.

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Build A Modular System

As with all our screw jack designs, the Cubic Ball Screw Jacks can be used independently or utilised within a modular system arrangement. Design engineers can piece together components and create a layout that works for their exact needs – connecting a series of screw jacks together with custom drive shafts, couplings and bevel gearboxes.

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Modular Design Made Mini

Screw Jack CAD Configurator

Select specifications for your desired screw jack and then download free CAD models to integrate into your designs.

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Screw Jack System Builder

Use the Kelston Screw Jack System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application

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Request Mini Cubic Sample

The Mini Cubic Screw Jack is our most popular screw jack model in the range. While it measures just 50x60x50mm, it is intelligently-designed to lift load sizes of up to 2.5kN!

If you are in the middle of a design project and would like to get a feel for the design and build quality of Kelston Actuation products, you can request a sample model of the Mini Cubic Screw Jack today*.

*Sample requests only considered for customers with relevant or qualified projects.

Request Mini Cubic Screw Jack
Request a Free Mini Cubic Screw Jack

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