Electromechanical Actuation For The Automotive Industry

Kelston Actuation specialises in the design and manufacture of custom actuation products for the automotive industry.

We have extensive experience in supplying both bespoke parts for specialist equipment or components that aid the manufacturing process.

If you have a heavy lifting problem, talk to us about our range of screw jacks and heavy duty linear actuators. As well as a custom component design service, we also offer off-the-shelf solutions that satisfy commonly experienced needs.

Automotive Actuation Solutions
AB Dynamics SMM

Case Study

Antony Best Dynamics came to us with a requirement for a specialist linear actuator application. The company designs and makes advanced suspension testing systems for the global motor industry and needed a bespoke component to help enable their Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM).

After speaking with their design consultants we developed a set of electro-mechanically powered actuators that were up to the task.

We made an array of six actuators that fitted onto the SPMM and performed linear movement on five different axes. Each actuator is driven independently by its own servo motor drive and the actuators are fitted with positional control switches. The individual actuator units consist of a spiral bevel gearbox that rotates a worm and wheel gear-set, thereby translating a high precision ball screw and achieving the desired output.

All elements of the actuator system we built fitted in seamlessly with the SPMM control panel to deliver a successful product.

Screw Jack CAD Configurator

Select specifications for your desired screw jack and then download free CAD models to integrate into your designs.

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Screw Jack System Builder

Use the Kelston Screw Jack System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application

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