Electromechanical Actuation For The Aviation Industry

Kelston Actuation designs and manufactures actuation solutions for businesses operating in the aviation industry.

Whether you are involved in the manufacture of specialist components or operate in the services side of the industry, we have extensive experience working with the sector and are well placed to help you with both established and unique problems.

Talk to us about our experience manufacturing bespoke screw jacks, synchronised lifting systems and special purpose linear actuators.

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Leonardo Assembly Line

Case Study

Leonardo Helicopters production team approached us with an assembly problem. The company needed a way to bring the upper and lower parts of a helicopter fuselage together in a controlled and safe way.

The main considerations were how the production team could control of movements; the health and safety of personnel and the accessibility around the joint position for assembly purposes. We presented some initial design concepts and then developed a solution to satisfy the deliverables.

We designed a screw jack powered lifting system. All around access to the joint was achieved by controlling the lifting positions via an electronic control - negating the need for hard drive shafting. Operational safety was ensured via the control panels, designed and supplied by us, which incorporated a pendant control with simple non-latching push buttons and a key lock emergency stop.

Screw Jack CAD Configurator

Select specifications for your desired screw jack and then download free CAD models to integrate into your designs.

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Screw Jack System Builder

Use the Kelston Screw Jack System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application

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