Food and Beverages
Electromechanical Actuation For Food and Beverage Production

Kelston Actuation solutions are well suited to the food and beverage industry. Our screw jacks, applied modular systems and industrial linear actuators are perfect for safely and efficiently adjusting line heights on conveyor belts, raising and lowering production platforms or modifying belt tracking.

Depending on the nature of your operation, we can utilise different lead screws types, translation lengths and speeds to determine the dynamics of the movement and achieve your goals. And because we can make our components from sealed, non-corrosive metals you can wash down your system safely without risk of contamination.

Food & Beverage Conveyor
Baker Perkins Screw Jack

Case Study

Baker Perkins – A leading manufacturer of machinery for the bread, biscuit and confectionery sectors, came to us with a requirement for specialist components for their new TruClean™ sheeters and gauge roll machine. As part of the dough-forming and cutting process, the three-roll sheeter takes either a bulk or metered feed of dough and forms a compacted sheet ready for the gauge rolls. The machine itself needed to be frequently adjusted to control the size and thickness of different dough sheets passed through it.

We designed and delivered a set of two mechanically linked Kelston Actuation Screw Jacks that were synchronised and driven by a geared motor to accurately raise and lower a mounted roll to the exact fine gap needed. To achieve the demanding hygienic and wash-down standards needed, the jacks included a unique screw cover design that encloses the lifting screw threads even when the jacks are fully extended. External parts of the screw jacks are made from 316 stainless steel and 6082T6 aluminium and finished with a matt anodising process.

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Use the Kelston Screw Jack System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application

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