About Kelston Actuation
A legacy of precision manufacturing

Your solutions, Our passion

Kelston Actuation designs and manufactures screw jacks, linear actuators and electromechanical lifting solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, operating all over the world.

We have been manufacturing mechanical components for over 40 years - producing all products from our site in Bristol, UK.

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You

We are a team of experienced design engineers and production technicians who are passionate about solving customer problems. We want to make your procurement process effortless - from initial consultation to solution delivery.

Linear Actuator Manufacture

Delivering the best component or system is important to us. That is why we spend time getting to know the exact details of your problem, uncovering the most effective way to solve it and reducing the risk of you ordering unsuitable solutions or having to send products back.

We believe in continuous refinement, making our products ever more reliable, high functioning and flexible for multiple applications. We invest heavily in the latest technologies and machinery for production efficiency, but also strongly believe in the experience of our own engineers and human-eye for finishing accuracy and quality control.

Products Made In BritainISO Certification

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