Cubic Ball Screw Jack - CAD Configurator
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How to Configure/Order

  • Complete the next 4 steps to configure your screw jack.
  • Select additional options as required to customise.
  • View PDF datasheet and download 3D CAD models.

Select the Screw Jack Model:

Before selecting a screw jack please refer to the information icon.

(*Nominal capacity)

Select lifting screw option

Rotating screw
The lead screw is fixed to the worm wheel such that rotation of the worm wheel causes rotation of the lead screw thus translating the nut along the lead screw.
Translating screw
Rotation of the worm wheel acts directly on the lead screw and the lead screw translates linearly.

Select travel rate:


The increments determine the distance travelled by 1 rotation of the input wormshaft.

Select the length of travel:


Drag the slider to choose a predetermined length of travel.
For fine adjustment on rotating screw options, see bearing plates in Accessories.

The selected length is: 0mm
0 2000
Lead screw material
Hardened and ground steel

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