Cubic Screw Jack - System Builder

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Use the Kelston Screw Jack System Builder to determine suitable screw jacks and drive motor parameters tailored to your specific application

Quick steps:
  • Complete the following steps to configure your screw jack system.
  • Press the 'calculate' button to generate the results.
  • Choose preferred screw jack and download CAD models and drawings.

The System Builder uses your inputs, calls upon establised data and takes account of the various combinations, orientations and fixture options to instantly provide you with appropriate screw jack and drive motor parameters.

Number of Screw Jacks


Choose the required number of screw jacks. The load capacity is indicated.

Load (kN)


Select the maximum load imposed on the screw jack system.

Load kN: 0

0 50
Kilogram-force: 0
Pound-force: 0

Choose load condition

Compression is defined as a vertical axial force acting to compress the lead screw.
Tension is defined as a vertical axial force acting to stretch the lead screw.

Select lifting screw option


Lead screw travel/lifting speed (mm/minute)


Input the required lead screw travel speed in the box below.

Travel speed (mm/min):

0 3000

Select the length of travel (mm)


Drag the slider to choose the appropriate travel length.

The selected length is (mm):

0 2000

Trapezoidal material

Mounting Condition


Defined here is the method by which the screw jacks are mounted within the customer assembly.
This is largely dictated by system requirements and architecture.

Fixed base
with guided end

Pivot mounted base

Fixed base only

Screw Condition


Defined here is the end condition of the lead screw. As rotation speed of the lead screw goes up, the likelihood that 'whip' will be encountered increases. This can be prevented with the use of a guide or bearing support.

Rigid bearing

Simple support
through guide or bearing


Additional Options

Bellows Required


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