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Cubic Ball Screw Jacks

Electromechanical Lifting Simplified

5kN - 50kN Lifting Capacity

When power, high speed, high duty cycle and repetitive positioning is

required, our range of ball screw jacks provide the ideal solution.

Cubic Ball Screw Jacks

High Precision Ball Screw for Highspeed

A high efficiency ball screw replaces the standard trapezoidal lifting screw yet accommodates our
modular screw jack system thus providing a wide range of sizes, travel speeds and configurations.

high efficiency ball screw

Modular Design

Build a screw jack system online from our range of modular components.
Jack Screws, drive shafts, gearboxes and accessories designed for
compatibility and interconnection

Screw Jack System

Interchangeable Products

Build a jack screw meeting your precise requirements. Try it here.
Need a gearbox to go with it? Configure it here.
Immediately generate PDF datasheets and download full 3D CAD models for integration into your project.

Build a Jack Screw

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