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Aircraft Wing Trolley

A service trolley that transports an aircraft wing between workstations.
The Top Platform is supported by a 4off Model J03 Worm Screw Jack system which can be raised from the loading position to give access for working and then lowered. The Screw Jack system moves a vertical payload of 2,500kg over a working travel of 800mm at a lifting speed of 240mm/minute.
The fully mechanically interlinked system with its Screw Jacks, Bevel Boxes, Drive Shafts, and Drive Shaft Couplings is operator controlled through a fully integrated.

Aircraft Ground Support

Trunnion Mounted Motororized J03 Bespoke Screw Jacks with a working travel of 700mm, fitted with Rotary Encoder. A set of twin Screw Jacks installed outdoors providing intermittent positional movement control to the horizontal accurate placement of independent dock load platforms against an Aircraft Fuselage.

Shipyard Roll Press

A twin Multi-Jacking system deploying an upgraded Model J09
Bespoke Worm Screw Jack for the horizontal movement and positioning of a Shipyard Roll Press bottom roll cradles. All of the Screw Jacks on each system are mechanically interlinked and driven by a common electric motor. The Worm Screw Jack is designed to move the series of interlinked cradles into their required position and sustain and hold a 150-tonne compressive load for long durations without displaying any movement.

Steel Production: Heat Treatment

A Steel Works Plate Mill Cooling Bank with a 4off Model J06 Bespoke Worm Screw Jack system to raise and lower a large structural framework over a hot steel plate.

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