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Kelston design and manufacture customised solutions for a range of applications

Customised screw jack

At Kelston we want you to have exactly the right product for your application, plain and simple. As a result, there may be some unique features that you require in addition to our standard products or indeed for an entirely new functionality. If there are bespoke additions that you require even after using our online configurator, then we would love to talk to you.
We understand that no two applications will be the same, so why try to use the same solution? Contact us

Cubic Bevel Gearboxes

Utilising the efficiency and durability of spiral bevel gears, our gearboxes are designed to complement our modular screw jack range and provide optimised noise and vibration characteristics.

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Cubic Screw Jacks

Standardised features that simplify your design process

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Knowledge Base

Screw Jack Working Principle

Screw Jack Working Principle

Screw Jacks are found wherever there is a need to lift, position and hold load. A Screw Jack (also known as a Jack Screw, a Worm Screw Jack, a Machine Screw Jack or a Lead Screw Jack) is a devise used to convert rotational motion into linear motion.

Worm and Wheel

Worm and Wheel

Worm Drives are used when the axis of rotation of a shaft must change direction. Being low-cost, potentially self-locking and providing high gear reductions, Worm Drives provide an effective means of decreasing speed whilst increasing torque.

Bevel Gear Sets

Bevel Gear Sets

Bevel gears are used when the axis of rotation of a shaft must change direction. Providing a highly efficient and durable means of gear reduction, Bevel Gear sets have many uses.

Specialising in screw jacks and custom-purpose linear actuators, Kelston Actuation's legacy of precision manufacturing stretches back more than 40 years


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