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Screw Jack Powered Adjustment for Canning Lines

Screw Jack Powered Adjustment for Canning Lines

By Kelston Actuation | Feb 1 2023 12:00AM | Screw Jacks, Conveyor Belts

Improve your canning line's efficiency and productivity with height-adjustable, synchronized screw jack systems. With a single motor switch or manual hand crank, you can precisely adjust your conveyor line height, position components and lift platforms in place - all with precision accuracy.

This flexibility enables you to run various-sized and shaped cans through the same conveyor line, saving you time, space, and investment. And because our screw jack systems are modular by nature, you can easily extend or reformat the layout of your conveyor system by swapping components in and out in the future.

Extend Your Canning Line
Option to extend your canning line


If your load capacity needs change, you can swap in different motors, jacks, or gearboxes, retaining the existing base system. If you need to extend the line, simply add more shafts, jacks, or a stronger motor.

Many canning line businesses are already using our screw jack systems to adjust the height of belts, fillers, cappers, and labelling machines for fast alignment and function. You can even use a screw jack system to precisely position nozzles, heads, and other critical machine parts.

Conveyor Line Modification
Modify the layout and components in your canning line

Our screw jack systems are hygienic and completely suitable for clean environments. We offer stainless steel units that prevent the ingress of dirt and harmful substances, and this also makes them durable enough to withstand regular wash downs.

Ways that our screw jack systems can be used in canning lines include:

Height Adjustment for Filling Stations: Screw jack systems can be used to adjust the height of filling stations to accommodate cans of different sizes. This adjustment ensures that the filling nozzles are correctly positioned over the cans for precise filling, minimizing spillage and waste.

Lifting and Lowering Mechanisms for Batch Processing: In batch processing sections of canning lines, screw jacks can lift and lower large batches of cans into and out of processing units like cookers, coolers, or sterilizers. This allows for controlled processing of cans in groups, optimizing production efficiency.

Conveyor System Adjustments: Screw jacks can adjust the height and angle of conveyor systems that transport cans through different stages of the canning line. This ensures that cans move smoothly between stations, maintaining a consistent flow and reducing the risk of jams or disruptions.

Press Operation for Sealing Cans: Screw jacks can be part of the machinery that presses lids onto cans. They can provide the necessary force to ensure that lids are securely sealed, protecting the contents during storage and distribution.

Load Balancing and Stabilization: In areas of the canning line where heavy equipment or product loads are moved or processed, screw jacks can be used for load balancing and stabilization, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Screw jacks can lift and hold heavy machinery or components during maintenance and cleaning operations, providing safe access for technicians to perform their work.

Kelston Actuation is proud to offer custom solutions for any size and scale of canning line project. Contact one of our design engineers today to discuss the possibilities.

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