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Making Customisation Fast, Easy & Affordable

Making Customisation Fast, Easy & Affordable

By Kelston Actuation | Sep 7 2022 12:00AM | Electromechanical, Screw Jacks, Actuation

In manufacturing environments, design engineers typically take risks on standardised products for two reasons.

Reason one, they often need to build systems or solve problems fast, and off-the-shelf solutions tend to always be available.

Reason two, because they are produced in bulk, standardised products are usually much cheaper. And cost pressures are timeless.

However, there are many false economies with solely monetary or convenience driven decision making.

If you are installing a component that isn't made precisely for the task at hand but is simply 'good enough', the chances of operational breakdown are much higher.  And the financial and reputational impacts of that don't need to be explained.

At Kelston Actuation, we well understand the pressures design engineers are under, which is why we have designed a service that removes the need for trade offs when sourcing components for actuation systems.

We specialise in delivering component customisation fast and cost-effectively. 

We do this by removing the expected barriers of getting a custom-manufactured solution out the door at a good price and into your system as quickly as possible. 

We enable this in five key ways:

1. Use of our CAD Configurator & System Builder tools

Using the free CAD Configurator and System Builder tools on our website, design engineers can quickly conceptualise and configure the exact specification product or system they need in minutes.

Select variables such as translation length, load capacity and system layout and then download the generated CAD files.

Upload them into your working models to see how the system works in practice and go back and re-download other files if necessary.

It takes a lot of assumption out of system design meaning you can order products with confidence, knowing that they will work exactly as you need them to in real life.

2. Speak to design engineers directly

We don’t employ pure sales people.

If you have a specific problem or question, when you contact us you speak directly to an experienced design engineer like yourself.

We help solve problems every day.

We have a clear understanding of the challenges faced and what features are needed in the products or systems being built - because we have been doing this a long time.

Get the answers you need faster, make decisions quicker, implement the solution you need earlier.

3. Existing model modification

We have an extensive range of product ‘templates’ ready for modification.

By this we mean existing styles that need only certain variables altered to then serve your precise needs.

Modify variables such as translation length, construction material, lead screw type, mounting style or load capacity.

We often have individual parts and components ready to hand, so can simply put the pieces together to create the exact model product/s you need fast.

4. Advanced machinery

We invest in advanced manufacturing technology to drastically reduce custom component production times and costs.

If you have a sizeable requirement, we are best placed to deliver at scale.

This means you can receive a customised product in a fraction of the time you might expect, at a good price.

Maybe even faster and cheaper than most off the shelf solution providers…

5. Made in the UK

If you are based in the UK or Europe, you will also benefit from the fact all our products are made in Britain.

We have more control over our supply chains and can avoid the risk of delays in shipping and import issues.

Our factory technicians are extremely experienced professionals with a keen eye for quality control – meaning everything that leaves our factory is of the highest standard.

We also benefit from huge advantages in communication as our product designers and factory are based from the same site.

A question or solution is a short walk and a face-to-face conversation away.


Don’t ‘make do’ with standardised solutions.

Our service and processes are purposefully designed to ensure you get the right product first time – whether it’s a screw jack, bevel gearbox or linear actuator.

Receive reliable, long-term solutions everyone in your organisation can trust and will be thankful for.

If you have a screw jack or actuation system need, contact one of our design engineers today.


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